Dreaming on cold gold, when in

rode the knights and dwarves and distressed damsels, I

awoke, stretched my claws and wings: time for a fire fight

go out of my cave

out into the sky, to light up




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  1. Remember that I’m learning English??.. .Well , I went into the dictionary to check in some past tenses there….And, yes…”I finally liked it”. “Spectacular Beautiful Image”, into “Words”.


    • 🙂 Thank you. What’s your first language? It’s interesting to me to see how the different languages we use affect meaning and communication.


      • Even though I was born in US ( Brooklyn-New York, actually ), when I was six, my whole family, including 3 older sisters, went to Cuba,…that would mean, my parents “back” to Cuba, place of precedency of the family, and the four of us ( my sisters and me ), “for the first time”, to reside there. So, what happens to me at the time of communication, is that, to express an idea, or read it, I struggle with the disposition of names, verbs, adjectives, subject,….and of course words in English, I even move back and forward in the reading, or writing many times, till I can phantom what this “human been” is trying to communicate, or what is going to think, when reading what I wrote. . One needs time to be sure that the construction of the fraise means what you really want, and even though many times there are misunderstandings, and either way be sure when one is reading, that is getting the same meaning that the other person intended, all this, in the first place, just because of the position of the elements of the fraise are different….
        Plus there are other factors of course, different cultures, believe systems, different mentalities, and also different persons, different life path, different life expressions, and all of this, for more obstacles many times, or for more ease in the way of communication,… But, appealing to things that we all humans have in common, like “patience”,…and “Arts”, ( I think that you quoted, in one of your blogs, that “I liked” by the way, something with some other words,…..about how Arts would ease the way to communication, with less explanations ),…exactly!!, we can make a way to communication. And I think that something else,…love, and a strong will, to do so. I think that is “one of the most beautiful things” to be interested in. Communication is one of the broadest elements for a good human life, and also broads our idea of what really a “Human Been Is”. Professor Michal Lai, one of the bloggers in WordPress, also stated that “every human is a whole new world”. It depends “from where, from which perspective” the world is being looked up, that would enriches it into a bigger view, than the one, from a sole perspective….. Well, some of my thoughts there, “thank you” for the opportunity of expressing them, hoping for not much misunderstandings, and for other’s patience, and thank you finally, for “Your Poetry”.


      • Thank you! Lots for me to think about there 🙂 A reason why I’ve been getting into poetry is because it is so interesting that the same word can mean something completely different depending on context within a text and the context of the reader’s experience… and it gets even more complicated when you are working in multiple languages. My ‘mother tongue’ is English (born and brought up in England) but this year I’m in Italy to try to improve my Italian, and starting to think and work in two languages is really fun (I keep mixing up bits of French and Spanish and German that I remember from school though). What I’m mostly learning is that words can be useless in communication when people are not working within the same framework/net/web/code of meaning, but incredibly effective the more I investigate the meaning of things and connections between them. I think it is usually very difficult to be fully understood, but any understanding is still worth risking misunderstandings – in fact the mistakes are often really fascinating too.


  2. – “Here”…..I will create a formula, using your “formula style”…., “.framework/net/web/code” = “different cultures/believe system/life path/life expression/different person” = “different mentality”.

    – “Now”…”Words are more incredibly effective when I investigate the meaning of things, and connections between them” ( That’s you ) = ( This is me ) You’ve probably heard about “going beyond your mind”, that’s what it is all about, the written above = “Communication” = ( quoting you)….”Finding the mining of things, and the connection between them”… = ( me ) That’s why I wrote what I was thinking in my blog “Design to Love”.

    …..Ha!!,ha!!…I think, we got some communication here.

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    • Haha, I think, we do.

      I wrote “finding the meaning of things” but the way you put it – “the mining of things” – is even better. I don’t know if you did it intentionally, but the idea of discovering the process of going deeper into things is very important and interesting to me. That’s what I meant about linguistic differences and mistaking/twisting words being a lot of fun!


  3. You know…at the time of school, I also studied, French, Italian, and English, and was thinking about German too, but, events in life changed my course of action. Always had this inner knowingness, that I was not even aware of it initially, that we human have this “meanings”, and “connections between things” ( as you said ), that are deeply in scripted,… in our soul…I would say, and soul would compile from “Mind to DNA”, and everything in between,…and “we”, each one of us, is just a different “creative-loving” version, of a sole diverging “matrix”, or “code of love”,…so, all we had to do was work through the “web of differences” ( that would include, learning languages, etc.,…etc.,…etc., all that we are capable to learn ), with creativity, hope, love, faith, and find the “apparently lost connection” of “Communication”. I think that the attributes mentioned before, are some of the main pertaining to the “matrix of Love”, ” code of love”, and I have an specific name, learned in my diverse path of differentiation proper of creation, and my name for “code of love”, “matrix of love”, is “Holy Spirit”. We come from this “code” or “matrix”, will always pertain to it, and we’ll always look back to it, no matter how far we went mistaking. The beauty is in the “Different and Creative Paths”, that each one of us will describe in this “Voyageur Loving Adventure”. “Hope all this make sense to you”.


  4. Some of my best friends are dragons. Peter Pan and I fly with them quite frequently. Their bad rep is undeserved.

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  5. Hi Bumblebee. The dragon strikes again. Thank you so much for liking my poem Painting! Peace and Best Wishes. The Foureyed Poet

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  6. I sent this “Poem”, and comments to my brother in law “Physicist”…..Ha!!, I guess this adds more to broaden our concept of “Communication”,….and this is the comment that came out from him after reading about your blogging, and comments, ( He sent it to me, and I translated into English, from Spanish ) : …..
    ” The Process of understanding Things”.
    “Really, the process of understanding “Things”, its workings, and connections, are the Base of the Best, and most advanced discoveries, and theories in “Physics”. Let us just mention, that until 1905, the concepts of “Space”, “Time”, and “Movement”, were quiet ingenuous; they were elaborated by “Galileo”, and later by “Newton” in the XV century, and never ever since, nobody reviewed this concepts deeply enough, until “A. Einstein”, put him self into the task, of digging in details into the “matter”, or “subject”, and created as consequence, the “Theory of Relativity”, that is, by the way, the most advance, complete, and elaborated “Theory”, that has been ever registered in “Human History”. Regards, Leonides……..END.
    Well,….well…well, “Bumblebee”, this just corroborate what we were saying,…you said “framework”,…I said “life path”,….this is a scientific mind oriented, and adds indeed, the possibility, that observing things, and relationships in the material, physical world can drop light into the process of Communication in general, and that physical laws might apply also in this investigation as it does in many other fields, which is totally truth,…we all know that…..But the funny thing to me was, how “every bodies different but definitely connected to some point response applies quiet close to the “formula above”, so…..we human are not that far from good communication among us, just enhancement of some certain “Things”, among those definitely, patience, humility, open mind, faith, hope, will, Love,…and “connection” between all these “Things”,… and.anything else that anybody with a good will would like to add. My Regards.

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    • Everything that is not conscious and is not nothing is physical 🙂 what is interesting to me, is that as far as scientists can say, so far, not only is most of the universe an empty nothingness, but so are most of the cells that make up our bodies and any matter. Hurts my head to think about what “nothing” is, but I think its obviously important. Everything we do, from a molecular level, to a neurological level, an interpersonal level, to a cosmic level, is bridging gaps, making links. I don’t understand why, but the how is beautiful 🙂 I think there are 2 elements needed for good communication, “good” (a positive constructive attitude seeking growth and improvement not harm) and “communication” (effort to connect, listening and observing being an element of that, maintaining lines of communication open). Thanks for your message, best wishes 🙂


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