Patch: Boxes

Once underneath a time, Patch was walking along and came across an explorer-librarian. The explorer-librarian was looking all hot and bothered, and was sitting next to a butterfly net full of cobwebs, a sticky tape full of labels, and three boxes: a square shaped one and a circle shaped one and a triangle shaped one.

“Hello!” said Patch. “What are you doing?”

The explorer-librarian looked up, showing a disgruntled face, which seemed to be growing purpler and blotchier with more annoyance each moment. Patch was a little bit alarmed, and inside, quietly hoped that it wasn’t Patch causing that kind of growing.

“What’s going on?” asked Patch, in the brightest musterable voice.

“Just what are you?” the explorer-librarian brusquely replied, not answering the question.

“I’m Patch!” said Patch, with relief. That one was easy.

“That won’t do,” said the explorer-librarian, wearing a worried frown. “Are you circle shaped, triangle shaped, or square shaped?”

“Um, I think I’m just Patch shaped.” Patch wasn’t sure why the shapes mattered. Things just were.

“Well, you must fit somewhere!”

Patch agreed. Patch always fitted somewhere. But Patch was starting to feel a bit hot and bothered too now. Maybe there was something in what the explorer-librarian was saying. They certainly looked well travelled and well read. Maybe Patch ought to decide whether Patches were square or circle or triangle shaped. Organisation did seem to be a useful thing.

The explorer-librarian was looking in all of the boxes to see which one might work best, and whether any extra corners could be squeezed in somewhere. Patch stepped forward to have a peek too – it only seemed fair to have a say, or at least a glimpse towards where things were going. But, as soon as the first lid was opened, Patch began to laugh and laugh.

And then… Patch did something that made the explorer-librarian freeze in shock, go pale with horror, slide to the ground, wail, and thrash the butterfly cobweb net around.

Patch tipped all of the boxes over and kicked them away.

Out of the triangle shaped box fell a triangle, which Patch picked up and hit, and it made a beautiful noise that called a cymbal to come rolling out of the circle box where it span around then made a huge CRAAAAASSSHH. Then a slice of cheese fell out of the triangle box, which was quite yummy, and out came a neckerchief and a tent and a pointy wizard hat and Bermuda and one of those three sided rulers that comes in every maths equipment kit but never sees as much use as the compass or protractor.

Out of the square box came millions of sheets of paper, with writing on and drawing on and scribbles on, some were crumpled into balls and others were folded carefully into swans and bicycles. Then came books and books and books: heavy ones and skinny ones and pop up ones and battered dog eared ones with corners missing. Then came a Wendy house and a rug.

Out of the circle box came (following the cymbal) a little red bouncy ball, and a ring, and a giant bowl of weetos. Then a ball of fire shot out and ran away into the sky, and the moon jumped out and ran away from it. (To the explorer-librarian’s surprise the moon had changed from circle shaped to crescent shaped whilst it had been in the box.) Last, the entire world jumped out of the circle box.

By this point, the explorer-librarian had stopped tearing the ground up and was looking, full of wonder at all the wonderful things that had been shut up in boxes.

When all the things were untidied away into their proper places, and Patch and the explorer-librarian had had enough of looking at it all, they danced.


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