On My Feet

This foot stood up

said “let me carry all of you” then wobbled.

Its friend said “I can help” and I balanced,

astride a rocking air horse

quicksand spaceship full of stars.

These feet meet

adversity and leap at any challenge

stamp their prints across the land

and kick at gas liquid solid

for knowledge.

These ten toes know

they can bear the pain of all of me

pointedly tiptoe across a polished stage

and give no whisper of the bleeding blisters.

These heels feel

each rub of every changing pair of shoes I wear

yet are expert at converting each into a

comfortable home.

These ankles rankle

at the fact I make them stand tall

twist and tangle

but can handle any fall.

These arches march me

anywhere I ask them to

with very little gratitude

hidden strength and aptitude.

This skin holds in

stones and ketchup mashed potato

looks thin

but my leather can weather

gravel plugs and lego.

Each sole holds

my entire weight in gold.


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